Business tie-up in local business development with CHUONG DUONG Co., Ltd.

On July 4, 2017, “CHUONG DUONG Co., Ltd.”, which is engaged in real estate development, sales, rental and civil engineering related business, “Daisei Group”, “Real estate and related furniture sales” near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam · We have made a business tie-up in each business development of “energy” and “logistics”.   With this business alliance, it became possible to smoothly carry out business development in Southeast Asia area based on Daizen group near Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. In the future, as each business development progresses, we are also considering the establishment of a joint venture company at both companies.   【Photo】State of the concluding ceremony of Daisei Group “Shinya Kato Group Leader (Left)” and CHUONG DUONG Co., Ltd “Tran Mai Cuong Chairman (Central)”.  

About donation to Komaki-shi

The Daizen group celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, Daisei Furniture Co., Ltd. of the founder. Headquartered in Komaki-shi, Aichi Prefecture, we have achieved appropriate development with furniture sales, interior construction, real estate development, rental, warehouse logistics, support for the elderly, renewable energy projects and others.     It is said that this machine which was able to reach the founding half a century said, “Comprehensively produce housing and living, create sustainable development of local society and lifestyles of people through business activities, aim for 100-year legacy formation” Based on the idea of the group, we decided donation with gratitude and gratitude to Komaki City, which was protected and protected.   Specifically, Komaki City has offered a donation from Daizen Warehouse Co., Ltd., a group company, to a fund that will help create the future of Komaki City, but from that time onwards Komaki City is a fund that supports the development of capacity for children who are disadvantaged “Kids Dream Challenge Fund As we aimed to expand “, we also agreed with this gist and would like to incorporate donation.   This fund was utilized in the flowering and development of the ability of children in Komaki City, the growing children open up a bright future, and the children who realized their dreams endure the wind and snow of something Tangible and intangible I hope to leave it in the distant future.   It was introduced on Facebook in Komaki City. Click here for details